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2023 Events


Treasure Hunt

A thrilling adventure where participants solve clues and search for hidden items around the campus, competing to be the first to complete the designated tasks.

Group Event

Bin 'n Go

Do your bit and hunt for waste objects around the school, collecting all the trash items marked on the bingo card to win.

Group Event

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Craft a compelling advertisement for a product inspired by the given prompt.

Group Event

5 Participants

Comedy Central

A spirited showcase where talented comedians take the stage to compete for the crown of the funniest person in the room.

Individual Event

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In this unique scenario-based challenge, participants compete in a compelling argument to save themselves aboard a sinking ship.

Individual Event


Showcase your vocal talent in a classic, western music competition.

Group Event

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Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 2.47.25 PM.png


Artistically illustrate a comic or cartoon strip that revolves around the topic provided.

Individual Event

Picture Perfect

The perfect platform for you to showcase your interest in photography.

Group Event

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Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 2.53.46 PM.png

Hack Attack

Code your way to victory through this two-day computer programming hackathon. 

Individual Event

Channel Surfing

A fun take on dumbcharades - players are made to act out different TV channels.

Group Event

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Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.03.49 PM.png

Any Body Can Dance

Get ready to groove, spin, and dazzle the stage in a captivating Indian dance showdown. 

Group Event


Kick it up a notch with a siu-per fierce football competition!

Group Event

5+3 Participants

*Boys only

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.05.23 PM.png

Shoot Your Shot

Will you ko-BE the best? Emerge victorious in a classic basketball competition. 

Group Event

5+5 Participants

*Girls only

Gourmet Grand Prix

Whether it's Hamilton or Verstappen, compete to become a champion in a heatless cooking competition.

Individual Event

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Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.13.49 PM.png

Gully Boy

Participate in an explosive battle of words, rhythm, and lyrical genius as talented emcees engage in a high-energy rap competition.

Group Event

Keep It Reel

Create the most viral 60 second reel that will engage the youth on important and relevant topics. 

Group Event

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Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.34.29 PM.png

Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs dive into the ultimate business challenge, presenting their innovative ideas to a panel of curious investors like in the high-stakes TV series Shark Tank.

Individual Event

Next In Fashion

Use your creativity to upcycle a contemporary and eco-friendly piece of clothing using a simple white t-shirt as a starting point.

Individual Event

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.28.32 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.22.03 PM.png

Ink About It

Harness the power of words through an exhilarating english writing competition.

Individual Event

Clash of Words

Witness a collision of quick--witted minds and craft compelling arguments through a quintessential debate competition.

Group Event

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.19.07 PM.png

Dumb Charades

A game where words are silenced and participants must use gestures to convey books, movies and celebrities.

Group Event

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